In a recent placebo-controlled trials of a Covid vaccine I heard of a report from one of the participants, who was a doctor.  He was delighted after receiving his first dose because he got a fever and body aches. He had definitely received the vaccine not the placebo.

Generating a fever, by cranking up the brain’s thermostat, is the body’s way of supercharging its immune system. The increased body temperature makes the cells that kill germs (neutrophil white cells), or make antibodies (B-cells), work much more efficiently and quickly.

In both animal and human studies of infected subjects if the temperature is brought down, by cooling or drugs, the infections are more severe and last longer. In severe infections the mortality rate is increased.

This information is especially relevant when we will all soon be receiving the Covid vaccine. By taking anti-pyretics (anti-fever drugs such as Paracetamol or Ibuprofen) we will decrease our response to the vaccine and lower our potential antibody level. The same goes for all other vaccines.

Most parents give these medications to their children to make them more comfortable and because they are concerned about febrile convulsions occurring. First, anti-pyretics don’t actually prevent them, even when given early in the fever, and second, febrile convulsions (though frightening) are harmless (unless prolonged and ignored).

Ref:   “Overkill. When Modern Medicine Goes Too Far” Dr Paul Offit (Scribe Publications). Includes detailed references of all the studies for the scientific minded.