Baby on Board is a wonderfully reassuring and informative book that covers every conceivable aspect of parenting a baby. An essential, up-to-date guide for every new parent.’
Antonia Kidman, mother of four, TV presenter of From Here to Maternity
I have been a midwife and mother for 28 years and found Baby on Board to be inspirational reading. I have re-read Baby on Board many times and always find something new and fascinating inside its pages. Have recommended it to hundreds of parents. This book changed how I practice midwifery.
The anthropological look at how we parent in the 21st century and why babies are the way they are – enables parents to enjoy their newborn by letting go of ‘post Victorian’ style of parenting. Baby on Board is an essential read for all parents – not just first timers. This book has the potential to create a more securely emotionally attached next generation – which has far reaching consequences for the human race!
Sheryl Sidery, Midwife Consultant, Mother of four, 'Mumsense' Postnatal Group
I give this book to all my pregnant patients as it is the perfect “instruction manual” for new parents. Dr Chilton’s approach is sensible and practical without being baffling or too technical.
Rob Buist, Obstetrician, Prince of Wales Private Hospital
As a GP and a new mother, I would like to thank you so much for your brilliant baby book Baby on Board. Leading up to the birth of our son, a friend told us that the first few weeks were all about surviving and your book became our survival guide. I have no hesitation in telling my patients and other expectant mums and dads that your book made a great deal of difference between the potential chaos that ensues with bringing a new baby home from the hospital and a smooth and calm (as possible) transition into parenthood. I am eternally grateful.
Dr Katie Cunneen, General Practitioner, Mother of one, Melbourne
As a late starter to the world of motherhood I found Baby on Board not only informative but humorous … Dr Chilton provides the ‘what’ (what to do), ‘how’ (how to handle it) and the ‘why’ (why it is happening) – something that I find helps me to cope and takes the mystic out of motherhood.
Veronica Grigg, mother of one
Baby on Board has been so reassuring, with concise information that’s easy to read. What makes it different to other books? Explanations are supported by research rather than opinion. An evolutionary perspective is revealed, so the reasons all make sense!
We now understand why instead of just getting solutions to symptoms.
Debbie Ginges, mother of one
How to mother/parent is the biggest question, and challenge, for any new mother. Baby on Board encourages women to follow their instincts and respond to their baby’s biological needs without feeling guilt. This is difficult in a society dominated by rules, clocks and unrealistic expectations about how newborns ‘should’ behave.
Joy Heads OAM, IBCLC. Lactation Consultant, Royal Hospital for Women, Randwick NSW
This wonderful book is the essential read for parents and grandparents. Dr Chilton
explains baby behaviour so parents understand how to help their baby gently adapt
to the world outside the womb.
Lynne Hall RN RCM MN(Ed) IBCLC, Lactation Consultant
I recommend this informative, easy to understand, extremely useful commonsense book. It is a must have for all new parents.
Anne Carter, N.S.W. and National Midwife of the Year 2007
We liked Baby on Board because it was concise enough to fit in with the hectic baby lifestyle, light hearted and comforting reminding us that our neurosis was normal, and it was focused on newborns which is when we most needed advice because we knew nothing and hadn’t had much chance to share experiences with other parents yet. It really helped us understand our little man!
Lisa, Ryan, and little Jake Glick
As a first time mum I found Baby on Board an easy to read, common sense approach to understanding the needs of my baby. I especially liked that my questions were answered on what to expect in the early days and weeks, the real cause of colic, when to go to the doctor and when not to panic. Howard Chilton explains things clearly in his positive and calm approach to parenthood. While I could access the topics I needed through the index, I found reading the book in sections very helpful in the first weeks of my baby’s birth. The section on the ‘Evolution of Babies’ was very interesting and the cartoons depicting parenthood throughout the book were priceless. Many thanks Dr Chilton for this invaluable baby guide.
Suzanne O'Shea
I have no hesitation in recommending Dr Chilton’s book to all my pregnant ladies. In a very practical and gentle way it provides them with a common sense approach to problems occurring in the newborn period. Dr Chilton has always been a kind, considerate paediatrician to my patients over a long period of time. They all respect the advice and guidance he has unselfishly given.
Dr John Grey, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, The Prince of Wales Private Hospital and Royal Hospital for Women