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Baby On Board - 4th Edition - Dr Howard Chilton
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Boys Will Be Boys (2)

October 13th, 2020|

if you want your little boys to grow up feeling secure and with good mental health, keep them close and allow them to remain babies for longer. This may be inconvenient and require financial sacrifice but this investment in their lives pays back massive dividends to them as they grow.

Just Don’t Tell Them!

June 15th, 2020|

A new mum talks about the pressure she gets from family and friends, to persuade her, against powerful personal feelings, to impose rigid routines on her young baby. The answer is simple. Most people don’t discuss their finances or sex life with their relations and friends either. Just don’t tell them.

Boys will be Boys

September 25th, 2019|

When the ideas of attachment parenting were being developed in the 1960’s or so, the advice was fairly ‘gender neutral’. Later however data started to accumulate that baby boys’ needs were different from that of girls. Not qualitatively but quantitatively. Male babies on average have greater difficulty self-regulating their emotional state and therefore have a greater reliance on emotional support. [...]



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Baby On Board - Expanded 4th Edition

In this fourth expanded edition of his successful book, leading Australian baby expert Dr Howard Chilton presents parents with all the information they need to be confident about looking after their new baby. He refers to the latest international medical information so they understand the reasons behind the advice. Not just the HOW but the WHY.

This expanded edition has new chapters on the introduction of solids, how to play with your baby, and the essential drivers of baby sleep and how to enhance them. Dr Chilton’s daughter, Georgina Dowden, with whom he collaborates professionally, has extensively rewritten the breastfeeding chapter, and many other chapters have been revised and updated.

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Your Cherished Baby

This book has bigger horizons. It’s about ‘SETTLING, SLEEP, SOLIDS, PLAY and TODDLERS. It lays out the nuts and bolts of the first two years of your child’s life. This is the most critical time in their development. What they learn now about love, relationships and their value in the world will last them a lifetime. According to Dr Howard Chilton, one of Australia’s most respected baby doctors, you cannot give your baby too much love.

Drawing on his 35 years as a baby physician, Dr Chilton
explains the science that proves what many of us instinctively know: the way we feed, hold play with and settle our babies is what determines the kind of adults they will become.

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