I’ve had a few calls from pregnant and breastfeeding mothers regarding getting the Covid vaccine….

The advice is now crystal clear:

Firstly the vaccines have zero effect on fertility, pregnancy and anti-spike proteins are not related, or close to, placental proteins.
Anything you hear to the contrary is misinformation, untrue, cherry-picked and mischievous. [1,2,3]

Your immune system is different during pregnancy so your body can accept, and not reject, the foetus. Consequently you’re MORE vulnerable to the virus and its consequences – such as hospitalisation, loss of the baby, death or long Covid – than when not pregnant.

After vaccination, when pregnant (or breastfeeding) you pass some of your developed Covid antibodies to your baby.

The Covid mRNA vaccines are safe and essential for you and your baby’s safety.

In the near future the data suggest that you will either be vaccinated or infected with Covid, no third option……

Regarding long-term side-effects of the vaccine:
1) The mRNA in the vaccine is eliminated from the body in a matter of days.
2) In the whole 200 year history of vaccines, there has never been a side-effect occurring more than 2 months after the last dose. Ref: Dr Paul Offit, Chief Vaccinologist and Paediatrician at Philadelphia Children’s Hospital; see at 11.13mins at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v8eOQSRVh_s


You can see the latest CDC data on Covid Vaccines and pregnancy here:
1) https://covid.cdc.gov/covid-data-tracker/ – pregnant-birth-infant

2) For the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, submitted to the FDA the briefing document stated:
• “Twenty-three pregnancies were reported through the data cut-off date of November 14, 2020 (12 vaccine, 11 placebo). […] Unsolicited [adverse events] related to pregnancy include spontaneous abortion and retained products of conception, both in the placebo group.”
• For the Moderna vaccine, the briefing document stated:
• “Thirteen pregnancies were reported through December 2, 2020 (6 vaccine, 7 placebo). […] Unsolicited [adverse events] related to pregnancy include a case of spontaneous abortion and a case of elective abortion, both in the placebo group.”

3) Following preliminary findings from a study of more than 3,900 pregnant women published in late April 2021, which found that mRNA COVID-19 vaccines posed no obvious safety issues, the CDC began recommending vaccines for expecting mothers[4]. Other countries, like the U.K., gave pregnant women the green light to get vaccinated around the same time.

• [4] – Shimabukuro et al. (2021) Preliminary Findings of mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine Safety in Pregnant Persons. New England Journal of Medicine.