Happy Father’s Day

By |September 6th, 2014|

G&meI&meI have two lovely daughters now both grown up (and married recently to wonderful guys). There remains nothing so delightful as hearing them chatting together and screaming with laughter. Sometimes it’s watching a video of me falling over or trying to walk through a glass door, and sometimes they are reviewing the movies they made of each other as teenagers.The most important ingredient of childhood, after safety, shelter, food …. is laughter. Keep it light, keep it quirky and don’t take life […]

Boundaries for the Bigger Baby

By |August 24th, 2014|

I think Dr Michael Carr-Gregg makes an important point (though somewhat indelicately) in his recent interview with the ABC:


I have a bit to say about this issue in “Your Cherished Baby”. This is a short excerpt from the chapter on toddlers…… Young babies cannot be spoilt. For the first few months they rely on their carers so completely that it is hard to imagine a baby being cared for too much. The baby’s the boss and needs absolute security in all aspects of his life, and there is no danger in him learning ‘bad’ habits.

As […]

Mummies and Dummies

By |October 27th, 2013|

TThere was a recent paper in the journal Pediatrics which suggested that parents who, in the first six months of their baby’s life, cleaned their baby’s pacifiers (dummies) by putting them in their own mouth and sucking them, had babies with a decreased incidence of allergic disease, such as eczema, later.

This is not the first time that it has been suggested that challenging babies with germs from the environment at an earlier age decreases their likelihood of allergies as they grow. Poverty, overcrowding, large families, animals in the home, and early exposure to germs in food have all been shown […]

Hip Dysplasia: The Facts

By |September 29th, 2013|

Dysplasia of the hip in babies is relatively common, especially in girls. It is more likely in babies who are breech births, in twins, or ones who have a reduced volume of amniotic fluid in the womb. It also runs in families. Medical staff dealing with babies are always fanatically careful about testing babies to make sure their hips are stable after they are born. Most of the babies with dysplasia are picked up in the first few weeks using a routine clinical test where, with the baby on her back and legs flexed at the hip, the examiner attempts […]

Not all Baby Carriers are Created Equal.

By |September 29th, 2013|

Q:  “A question re carriers and hip dysplasia-my 2 week old daughter has been in a von Rosen splint since day 2 for left hip dysplasia and I am hoping she is in it for no more than 6-12 weeks. When she comes out do you have any thoughts re whether any particular baby carriers are best-I currently have a Baby Bjorn which I didn’t use much for my first two children but had been thinking I might use it more for my third…I know there is talk that Baby Bjorns aren’t good for hips but is this actually true? […]

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