For more than twenty years Dr Howard Chilton has been giving regular talks for new (and experienced) parents.

He is passionate about helping parents enjoy their babies through communicating real information based on evidence, not myth and the old beliefs of parenting.

It is so easy to be persuaded by family, friends or passers-by to slip down a rabbit-hole of misinformation about the needs and management of babies. Our knowledge of the optimal way to care for them develops year by year and the way has changed enormously since our own parents’ time. Not only can you bring up and more contented baby but you’ll enjoy the process more, be more relaxed, less anxious and hopefully less tired.

We’ll discuss everything from unsettledness, sleep, feeding, play and what babies need from you.

Tune in, listen and ask questions about your baby issues.

We’ll also be conducting regular sessions of the weekly talk that used to be held at the Royal Hospital for Women in Sydney.

The Complete Guide to Babies

  • The Why and the How of baby care.
  • How to avoid helpful advice
  • Why babies are, the way they are
  • How to settle them to sleep
  • “Spoiling” your baby
  • How to wire up your baby’s brain for a lifetime of happiness

The Colic / Wind / Reflux Story

  • The truth about this issue
  • How to fix it


Topic: Let’s discuss the Unsettled Baby plus Q & A
Hosted By: Howard Chilton
Start: Wednesday, May 20, 2020 11:00 AM
Duration: 1 hour 0 minutes
Current Timezone: Australia/Sydney

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